Beneli – from idea to tailormade solution

Beneli is an innovative contract manufacturer that offers printed electronics and complex adhesive applications with high quality requirements.

World Class Adhesive Printed Electronics

Beneli is at the forefront of technological know-how and has a wide knowledge of both adhesives and printed electronics for different applications, surfaces, and environments. Everything we do here is made in Sweden. The design, production, assembly takes place in our Helsingborg factory.

Gold Medal for Sustainability!

EcoVadis has analyzed and assessed Beneli’s environmental, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement risks.

We are very proud of being awarded the gold medal! Read more on our sustainability page.

We offer tailor-made solutions and products for the industry of the future, from start-up to full-scale production. For demanding customers in need of expertise in materials as well as knowledge of the critical industry guidelines and requirements.

Medical Solutions

Beneli develops, and supplies converted adhesive solutions to world-leading medical companies. We produce near-body, wearable patches for sensors that are revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

Beneli offers production in a 200 square meter class ISO8-validated cleanroom.

Automotive Solutions

Following the IATF 16949:2016 certifications we meet the strict demands of the automotive manufacturing standards.

With the help of our specialist, when starting a new project, we can add necessary competence to avoid costly changes and delays in the time-to-market.

Industrial Solutions

Beneli has a proven ability to improve our Partners business through cost efficient value propositions.  We are at the forefront in the development and production of high quality, high-performance, converted passive and active products with RFID – technology for traceability.


News & Highlights

Social Sustainability at Beneli

Beneli and Samhall create meaningful jobs Beneli´s core values center around “Engagement” and “Team Work.” We strive to create an inclusive workplace where everyone's contributions are recognised and valued. Our CEO, Henric Ungh, had the pleasure of interviewing Emmie...

Stick to skin medical patch – Gemini Patch by Beneli

A conceptual, innovative, wearable and stretchable printed electronics patch for Stick-to-Skin Medical Applications In a world facing increasing health challenges, the need for innovative med tech solutions has never been more critical. Beneli AB, at the forefront of...

A greener and sustainable workplace!

New, eco-friendly dispensers were installed at Beneli. As part of our sustainability journey, we have replaced our paper and soap dispensers with products from Tork.   What this means for us:   ? Reduced Climate Impact: By replacing paper and soap dispensers...

Beneli replaced fluorescent tubes with LED Solutions

The Impact of Lighting on Health and Productivity Replacing old lighting with modern LED-technology isn't just about reducing electricity bills; the benefits go far beyond that. Lighting has a profound impact on how my colleagues feel and perform, and I want everybody...

What is it like to work at Beneli?

Get insights from our machine operator, Nicole Nilsson! No more "Sunday anxiety" since she joined our team five years ago. Discover career opportunities at Beneli:

We establish strong and long-term relationships with our partners through close cooperation and extensive knowledge of materials and conversion methods.


Thank you for a very nice and exciting visit with you! We were really impressed with the drive and commitment, both in the company and among the staff. In addition to the great products, we were impressed by the new integration opportunities.

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About Beneli

Beneli is an innovative contract manufacturer that offers printed electronics and complex adhesive applications​ with high quality requirements.

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