Beneli and RISE: Printed Electronics Training

Innovation and sustainability through education.

Together with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, we have participated in a three-day extensive training within printed electronics. The program is designed to deepen our expertise and maintain our place at the forefront of printed electronics technology.

This collaboration is not just about advancing technology; it’s about our commitment to innovation, to exploring future techniques and materials within printed electronics. 

“The focus on sustainable, organic electronics aligns with our vision for a greener future, making this collaboration not just beneficial for Beneli´s staff, but also for the environment”

Henric Ungh, CEO Beneli
A picture of a microscope at RISE

In short about RISE: a beacon of innovation and research

At the heart of our collaboration lies RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, a premium research facility that promotes a competitive business environment and a sustainable society. With more than 3,000 employees, RISE embodies the Swedish government’s vision for innovation and sustainability.  

“Our aim is to be at the forefront of innovation, facilitating a bridge between cutting-edge research and real-world industrial applications. We’re passionate about creating a sustainable future through technological advancements.”

Duncan Platt, Group Manager at RISE

Our team is our greatest asset

A picture of a students taking a course at RISE

Beneli is continuously investing in its employees. Understanding that the landscape of printed electronics is constantly evolving, we at Beneli prioritize keeping our team updated. By enhancing their skills in printed electronics, we not only support their professional growth but also ensure that our team stays ahead of the curve in adopting best practices and emerging technologies. 

Hands on, practical training

The training in Norrköping did not only have a theoretical part but also a practical, where our colleagues made a lot of laboratory exercises in RISE´s Printed Electronics Arena. Everything that we learned about sensors, structures, materials and mounting can be applied and improved at Beneli.

A group of Beneli employees taking a course in printed electronics at RISE

Everybody participating in this training is so boosted and eager to use their newly gained skills. I am so excited to see how we can use this training in improving our own innovative, conceptual stick-to-skin medical patch”

Henric Ungh, CEO Beneli

What do the participants think? 

The program opens doors to new ideas and possibilities, promising exciting advancements in our future projects.

“It was a very interesting, in depth program and I think that it is going to move forward the company

Krystian Lepkowski, Production Beneli. 

“There are many things in the printed electronics area that we can take home and apply at Beneli”

Stefan Fridell, Sales Beneli

Get in touch! 

A picture of a pair of Beneli Gemini Patches - a prototype stick-to-skin medical monitoring patch

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in printed electronics, we invite you to explore how Beneli’s innovations can elevate your projects. Our collaboration with RISE is just the beginning.

Learn more about our offering in printed electronics and stick-to-skin medical monitoring patches on our website.

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