Beneli featured in Eletroniktidningen

Great news! Beneli has been featured in an article in Eletroniktidningen. This magazine covers monthly news about the Swedish electronics industry.

Beneli featured in Eletroniktidningen

Printing electronics for others

EKG – surveillance, temperature indicator, contractions during childbirth, liquid in band-aid and gasses from bad food are a few of the applications for the electronic products that are produced by Benelis printing machines. They have a revenue of around one hundred million Swedish crowns per year.

“We are going to be world-leading, not only when it comes to production but the whole chain from idea to volume-production. That is a goal which is not unrealistic” says Henric Ungh, who started his role as CEO at Beneli in September 2021. The company is since 2020 owned by the publicly listed investment-company Volati. “

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