Medical monitoring patches

Beneli develops and supplies medical monitoring wearable patches to world-leading medical companies.

Wearable medical monitoring patches

Together with various suppliers, we produce near body, wearable patches for sensors that are revolutionizing the healthcare sector. Beneli offers production in a 200 square meter class ISO8-validated cleanroom.

Medical monitoring wearable patch by Beneli

/ Medical monitoring patches

Beneli develops, assembles and supplies converted products that improve and simplify the monitoring, tracking and digital information services in many different areas such as pharmaceutical delivery and diagnostics in the health care sector.

An exemple are sensors to monitor heart patients in real-time through the cloud. All that is needed for healthcare providers to monitor and read the heart rate of the wearer, is the small and discrete sensor along with Beneli’s self-adhesive patch and a smartphone. At the same time, the patient can live his life as usual outside the health care environment.

Medical wearable smart skin patch solutions:

  • Advanced wound care
  • Diagnostics
  • Test strips
  • Ostomy
  • Heart rate & ECG
  • Temperature
  • Glucose
  • Pressure



Latest Medical Monitoring Highlights

Stick to skin medical patch – Gemini Patch by Beneli

Stick to skin medical patch – Gemini Patch by Beneli

A conceptual, innovative, wearable and stretchable printed electronics patch for Stick-to-Skin Medical Applications In a world facing increasing health challenges, the need for innovative med tech solutions has never been more critical. Beneli AB, at the forefront of...

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Printed Electronics that stick to skin

Printed Electronics that stick to skin

Printed electronics is a term used to describe a range of printing techniques that enable printing circuits on various substrates. At Beneli, we do not only print but also do die cutting, laminating and assembling - all in-house in our modern factory in Helsingborg,...

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New membership: Medicon Valley Alliance

New membership: Medicon Valley Alliance

We are happy to announce that we are now members of Medicon Valley Alliance. This will enable Beneli to meet key stakeholders and potential customers and let them know about our company’s expertise in printed electronics. Medicon Valley Alliance is a Danish-Swedish...

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