Medtech stick-to-skin patches at Beneli

Meeting our Medtech customer´s needs: from idea to final product

At Beneli, we are at the forefront of printed electronics and complex adhesive solutions. We produce tailor-made, stick-to-skin medical patches. When paired with a sensor, these medical patches help doctors worldwide to monitor their patients’ health.

Our Sales Manager, Patrik Andersson and our CEO, Henric Ungh, share their expertise on how Beneli supports its clients from initial concept to final product.

Serving diverse industries

We work internationally and our operations span sectors like Medtech, Automotive, and Industry within printed electronics

Patrik Andersson

We are particularly focusing on the Medtech sector where monitoring devices paired with our printed electronics are crucial for patient care.

Customized Medtech patches – all under one roof

What does a typical medtech customer ask Beneli for?

It could be a company having a sensor and technical solution who needs a medtech stick-to-skin patch solution. We at Beneli can help with everything from project management, production, inhouse assembly and packaging

Patrik Andersson

From design to final product, everything is completed in-house, adhering to the “Made in Sweden” quality. We are dedicated to meeting specific client requirements. Our project management strategies include regular updates and comprehensive planning, ensuring alignment with customer goals and seamless execution.

Our own conceptual stick-to-skin patch

Patrik introduces Beneli´s own, Gemini Patch, a cutting-edge wearable prototype that:

  • is made out of stretchable materials 
  • is light, thin and easy to wear 
  • incorporates flexible dry electrodes to enhance patient comfort 
  • maintains contact with the skin even during movement  
  • adheres securely, allowing for comfortable wear over extended periods
  • showcases our commitment to developing future-ready technologies

The stretchable, ultrathin medtech stick-to-skin patch Gemini is a testament to our dedication to improving top of the line printed electronics. We always strive to be in the forefront of new technology and this stretchable patch with dry electrodes is just the beginning of what we can achieve.

Henric Ungh, CEO

Ensuring top Quality

Adherence to stringent ISO certifications underlines our commitment to quality. Our quality assurance processes guarantee that each product not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Let’s get in touch!

If you are a prospective client interested in leveraging Beneli’s innovative printed electronics for your healthcare needs, we encourage you to contact us for more information and personalized assistance.

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