Printed Electronics that stick to skin

Printed electronics is a term used to describe a range of printing techniques that enable printing circuits on various substrates. At Beneli, we do not only print but also do die cutting, laminating and assembling – all in-house in our modern factory in Helsingborg, Sweden.

“Beneli specializes in creating wearable, stick-to-skin solutions for electronic devices. Whether you have an existing product or a new concept in mind, our team of experts can help make it adhesive on the skin. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that combine functionality and comfort”

says Henric Ungh, CEO at Beneli

Innovation is one of our core values and our top priority. Project manager Amro Abu Zarour and our CEO, Henric Ungh, sat down to discuss how Beneli is helping customers worldwide with cutting-edge printed electronics solutions.

Amro Abu Zarour and Henric Ungh

What are the benefits of printed electronics?

Printed electronics are light, flexible and cost-effective. They replace bulky and heavy electronic components, and they give the possibility to have wearable smart devices that outperform today’s existing solutions.

Together with various suppliers, we produce stick-to-skin, wearable patches for sensors used in the healthcare sector. An example is the sensors that monitor patients’ hearts in real-time through the cloud. All that is needed for healthcare providers to monitor and read the wearer’s heart rate is a small and discrete sensor along with Beneli’s self-adhesive patch. Data is read via an app on a smartphone.

Beneli printed electronics - medical monitoring patch

One of the most significant benefits of printed electronics is that it is very mass production friendly, as Amro explains:

“We produce using a roll-to-roll manufacturing process, which basically means we have a fast production line with a high output of products and also low waste of material.”

says Amro Abu Zarour

From idea to final product

As a world-class provider of printed electronics, we support our customers in every stage of the development process. From conceptualization – to product design, our experts provide comprehensive support, conducting thorough testing and generating detailed documentation.

“The client comes in with a concept and we have the knowledge to make that concept a reality. Sometimes the client comes in and they have a solution in mind. And then we make that solution better because we have the knowledge”

says Amro Abu Zarour

For example, one of Beneli´s clients had a product with 18 different layers of material.

“The product was quite bulky and we reduced the amount to 9 layers”

adds Amro

We are experts in making electronic devices stick to the skin and can integrate sensors, wireless technology, and signal board to achieve this. Read more about what we can offer you on our website.

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