Social Sustainability at Beneli

Beneli and Samhall create meaningful jobs

Beneli´s core values center around “Engagement” and “Team Work.” We strive to create an inclusive workplace where everyone’s contributions are recognised and valued. Our CEO, Henric Ungh, had the pleasure of interviewing Emmie and Ebba from Samhall, talking about their efficient partnership and involvement in Social Sustainability at Beneli.

Understanding Samhall’s Mission

Samhall, a state-owned company, stands committed to providing meaningful work opportunities for individuals with functional impairments. People who had a hard time finding a job due to their disabilities are now given the opportunity to make a difference in a work environment and shine in their roles.

Samhall’s Contributions at Beneli

For five years, Beneli has been collaborating with Samhall, particularly in assembling stick-to-skin patches, aiming to deliver impeccable quality, productivity, and minimal material waste. 

Emmie and Ebba are personnel and team leaders at Samhall, and their offices are located in the Beneli building in Helsingborg. Operating within Beneli’s premises holds mutual benefits. Daily interactions facilitate smoother communication, enabling discussions on production, future tasks, and rapid problem-solving.  

“The personnel need a lot of support and us being here really helps them to be able to manage the tasks here” .

says Emmie
Beneli Samhall Social Sustainability
Photo: Samhall

Creating a Supportive Workplace

Beneli’s environment offers favourable conditions, allowing Samhall employees to perform tasks effortlessly and minimize physical strain.

“Here the employees are able to be seated or standing and do work with low physical effort. Samhall works a lot with cleaning companies and warehouses and that can be much more physically demanding.”

says Ebba

Printed electronics Made in Sweden.

“We specialize in printed electronics and advanced adhesive applications and everything we do here can be labelled as Made in Sweden. The innovation, production, and assembly are all done under one roof, here in our factory in Helsingborg”

Henric Ungh, CEO at Beneli 

The collaboration with Samhall aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality, fast delivery times and social sustainability at Beneli. By integrating individuals with different functional impairments into the workforce, we facilitate greater inclusion and strive to bridge gaps in the job market.

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