Sustainability drives Beneli forward

At Beneli, sustainability is a top priority. Our CEO Henric Ungh sat down with Pernilla Nero Viksø, Head of Quality and Sustainability, to discuss how Beneli is making sustainability a core part of the operation.

What is sustainability at Beneli?

Our company is a leading provider of printed electronics and stick-to-skin patches. We are working with products within the healthcare sector, and sustainability is crucial for our customers. We are working hard to ensure that Beneli can provide qualitative products and solutions in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Pernilla believes that sustainability is an everyday aspect in our lives. She divides sustainability into three segments: social, ecological, and economical, with each segment being interconnected.

“If you are working with one of them, the other two will follow.”

says Pernilla

Social sustainability

Beneli has partnered with Samhall. Samhall is a state-owned company with a mandate to create work that furthers the development of people with functional impairment.

“They are a part of the Beneli family”

says Pernilla proudly.

“It’s great to see 100 people coming in every morning with a smile on their face and having a meaningful life”

adds Henric.

See the video story of our colleague from Samhall here.

Beneli’s employees are our most important asset, and we continuously run initiatives to promote their well-being, including improvements in the production area, where the employees came up with their own ideas to improve the workflow. Thanks to them, “we now have the best practice workflow in the production area”.

Core values & ecological sustainability go hand in hand

Beneli’s core values of Engagement, Teamwork, Innovation, and Quality are integral to the work environment, and we use these values to improve our sustainability efforts. 

The ecological sustainability aspect of Beneli’s work involves reducing our environmental footprint. We made a huge step in 2018, by moving our production from China to Sweden, saving on transport emissions.

“We’re really proud to say we are Made in Sweden. It was a big environmental saving by skipping Chinese transport back and forth.”

says Henric.

“We have changed from flight shipments to boat shipments for some of the suppliers, and that translated in less CO2 emissions.”

 says Pernilla.

Beneli has also made other changes, such as using power-saving LED lights and exchanging chemicals for more sustainable options.

Economic sustainability

In addition to the above, Beneli has made a concerted effort to reduce waste, optimize production, and increase profitability, which also had a positive impact on our economic sustainability. 

“We have been working with optimizing the production and reduced the waste and by doing that, both  the economic growth as well as the profitability will come.”

says Pernilla.

“Actually, If we look back on the past year, we really had a great year.”

adds Henric.

We track and follow our progress through a KPI scorecard, making changes directly when it’s needed.

Gold medal and cake celebration

Beneli has also received a Gold Medal for the efforts in sustainability, as measured by the Ecovadis platform. We have been rated by EcoVadis, the most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. The obtained score is 70/100 for our Environment actions and efforts.

Read more about our Gold Medal here:

“It was a true teamwork, and we had a cake, of course, to celebrate the gold medal and our efforts”

says Pernilla

Beneli’s commitment to sustainability has resulted in positive outcomes across all three segments: social, ecological, and economic. We look forward to building on our achievements and celebrating with an even bigger cake in 2023!

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