Beneli’s three ingredients to achieve sustainable development are:


Beneli works for economic sustainability and future needs that develop business and is sustainable over time.


Our business will support and meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Ecological sustainability is important to us and what we take from nature (our assets) and what we return to nature, is naturally a high priority.


Beneli works with and develops the business employees, but also with people that are affected by the entire business chain, from the life-cycle start to finish. We take social responsibility for local projects, questions, and environmental issues for a sustainable society, from a national and international perspective.

At Beneli, sustainability is a top priority. Our CEO, Henric Ungh sat down with Head of Quality and Sustainability, Pernilla Nero Viksø, to discuss how Beneli is making sustainability a core part of the operation.


Beneli has received a Gold Medal for Sustainability! We have been rated by EcoVadis, the most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. They have analysed Beneli’s environmental, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement risks.

We have obtained a score of 70/100 for our Environment actions and efforts due to:

🌿 Beneli´s work processes for labelling, storing, handling and transporting hazardous goods
🌿 Reduction of carbon emissions in transportation
🌿 The ISO 14001 certification for all operations
🌿 Use of renewable energies in Benelis´s energy mix.
🌿 Employee awareness & training programs for employees on reducing energy consumption

We are your sustainable partner that actively works for a green world!

/ In-house production leads to sustainability on all levels

Social sustainability is important for Beneli. In 2018 we decided to produce everything locally, here, in Sweden. We started a successful collaboration with Samhall AB who helps people with functional impairments to get a meaningful job.

“We now have 110 Samhall employees that help with the assembly of our products. We are proud to have them as our colleagues, they have become part of Beneli family!” says Henric Ungh, CEO a Beneli AB.

Together we have proven that social, environmental and economic sustainability can really be successfully combined.
Read the Swedish article on Samhall´s website.

/ Good Environmental Choice

Öresunds Kraft is recognizing our sustainability efforts. We buy electricity that is labeled as “Good Environmental Choice”.

The electrical energy Beneli uses originates from renewable energy sources, for example hydropower, wind power, solar energy, wave and tidal energy, combustion of biomass or biogas.

We are your sustainable partner in every aspect of our business!


Beneli’s culture and goal are to always optimize the production process and the product’s environmental footprint. We prioritize carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly solutions and our aim is to achieve the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

We are aware of different regulations and requirements such as Environmental Agreement 20/20 and the long term 50/50, REACH, RoHS2, WEEE, ISO 14001, and ECHA / SVHC candidate list. We are actively seeking information to be up to date and be at the forefront of what happens in environmental development.

Our office and production facilities are supported by genuine geothermal and we continually evaluate the environmental impact of investments, products, and Projects.

Volati’s Focus areas & targets

Volati’s sustainability work is based on three Group-wide focus areas:

  • Business Ethics
  • Environment & Climate
  • Employees

The focus areas have been revised from the materiality analysis conducted in 2020. We continuously develop our analysis and monitoring to ensure proactive sustainability work that is conducted in line with stakeholder expectations and future legal requirements.

Business ethics

Volati has zero tolerance for business ethics violations and all Volati companies must have effective procedures to ensure good compliance with the code of conduct, both internally and in the value chain.

Environment & climate

Volati will reduce the Group’s own emissions (Scope 1 & 2) in line with the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement.


Volati will be an inclusive and safe workplace that welcomes employees with different backgrounds and experiences.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity creates a more attractive and longterm profitability and is therefore one of Volati’s focus areas. Volati has stakeholders from different cultures and backgrounds, both in the Swedish operations and among the business units, customers and suppliers in other countries. The ability to interact with and manage our stakeholders in the right way is important and requires a diversified workforce that is reflective of the society in which we operate. This helps to ensure strong skills supply, thereby safeguarding Volati’s long-term competitiveness.

Volati has a Group-wide HR policy that all business units are required to follow, as a minimum level. The policy establishes the equal value of all people and stipulates that Volati and the business units must ensure fair conditions between individuals and groups. No-one shall suffer discrimination or victimisation, and each business unit must have guidelines and instructions describing how to act should this occur.

The chairmen and CEOs of the business units are responsible for equality work. Equality is an integral part of HR on the agendas of the company boards. As part of the annual work, an equality analysis must be conducted, which includes a current status description, challenges, priorities, measures and follow-up. Volati also ensures an equality perspective in the Group-wide skills development programmes: Volati Academy, Volati Knowledge and Volati Management Program.

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